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Boucle Natural Silver Jute Rug

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Boucle Natural Silver Jute Rug

160 x 230 cm.
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Boucle natural silver rug with tucked ends and latex backing.

160 x 230 cm

Care & Cleaning

It is normal for jute and other natural fibre rugs to 'sprout'. What may seem to be a pulled thread is really just a yarn whose fibres have separated at a point, or 'sprouted'. Sprouting is common with natural fibres such as jute because they are made up of shorter fibres. This is not a defect but an inherent quality of certain natural fibre rugs. Simply clip the sprout that has popped up with a sharp scissors.

Vacuum regularly and spot clean with a damp cloth. You may use a solution of mild soap and water but test the solution in a small, inconspicuous area of the rug to be sure no discoloration results. For liquid spills, blot—do not rub—with a clean, dry, absorbent cloth.

All fibres that are exposed to direct, prolonged sunlight will experience some degree of fading. Please rotate your rug regularly if it is in a sunny location.


As with all fibrous floor coverings, regular vacuuming is recommended as this removes dirt and grit which causes abrasion of fibres with traffic. Good quality vacuum cleaners with either electric or air driven power heads are often the best options for a deep clean. Indentations caused by furniture can either be removed with a light spray of water or use of a blunt instrument like a skewer or knitting needle to tease the fibres back.

Jute rugs can be commercially cleaned but it is best utilise cleaning methods which use minimum water.

High levels of sunlight, particularly the ultra violet component, heat and low humidity can result in some deterioration and colour change in many floor coverings. This also applies to woven plant fibre flooring coverings. The natural colours can mellow similar to aged Baltic pine, and the dyed products can, like all dyed products, be subject to some fading.

Accidental Spills

No soft floor coverings are stain proof. Hot liquids, bleaches, dyes and products containing natural dyes such as curries, tea, coffee, cordials and red wine can cause permanent discolourations. Act quickly and attack the stain using the manufacturer's treatment procedure below. Attend to spills quickly to prevent or minimise staining.

Do not under any circumstances do not apply acid based cleaning agents like soda water and vinegar, or bleaches such as hydrogen peroxide, as they will react with the fibres and damage the material. These fibres are resistant to alkalines, although it is not recommended that this is tested.

Q: Mild spills - food (non-greasy), mud, water. Treatment one followed by treatment two if not successful.
Treatment 1: Wipe up excess,use water and sponging to rinse ingredients of spill out of fabric.
Treatment 2: Follow with vacuuming after residues dry out.

Q: Medium spills - beetroot, blood, butter, chocolate, cooking oil, coffee, cordials, cream, curry, eggs, grass, gravy, grease, milk, mustard, olive oil, paint (water-based), salad dressing, tea.
Treatment 1: Wipe up excess.
Treatment 2: Wash using neutral detergents (wool wash or dishwashing liquid) without bleaches or brightening agents. Use a soft scrubbing brush to penetrate the weave. Soak up excess fluid and then repeat the process many times until the dye is diluted. A dark area will remain until the material has dried out. This will take from one hour to a day. Warm air and ventilation will help but do not directly heat the material.

Q: Severe spills - acids including citric (fruit juice), red and white wine, uric acid (pet and baby), vomit.
Treatment 1: Act quickly and wipe up excess.
Treatment 2: Prepare a weak alkaline solution using bicarbonate of soda and use with a soft scrubbing brush to penetrate the weave. Use this solution to dilute the acid and dyes. Soak up the excess and repeat this process several to many times. Finish by applying one application of treatment two above.

Q: Other- Ball point ink, bitumen, candle wax, furniture polish, nail polish, paint (oil based)
Treatment 1: Wipe up excess.
Treatment 2: Make sure the site is well ventilated and there are no naked flames. Use white spirits or mineral turpentine, alcohol for ball point ink, and acetone for nail polish. Use a soft scrubbing brush to penetrate the weave. Dilute and remove stain by repeating process as necessary. The solvent should be left to evaporate naturally.

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