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  1. Macquarie Leaning Shelf Ivory | Macquarie Leaning Shelf Ivory White Wash
    Macquarie Leaning Shelf Ivory
    Special Price $225.00 Regular Price $289.00
  2. Nova Leaning Shelf
    Nova Leaning Shelf
    Special Price $229.00 Regular Price $299.00
  3. Tuscan Low Bookcase In Stock
    Tuscan Low Bookcase
    Special Price $420.00 Regular Price $485.00
  4. CLEARANCE Bristol Bookcase
    Bristol Bookcase
    Special Price $429.00 Regular Price $775.00
  5. Ultimo Open Bookcase In Stock
    Ultimo Open Bookcase
    Special Price $449.00 Regular Price $520.00
  6. Tuscan Slim Bookcase | Tuscan Slim Bookcase Ivory Wash | Tuscan Slim Bookcase with 4 Shelves/Deep Drawer | Tuscan Slim Bookcase Side
    Tuscan Slim Bookcase
    Special Price $464.00 Regular Price $569.00
  7. Florence Low Bookcase In Stock
    Florence Low Bookcase
    $486.00 Privilege Club Member: $437.40
  8. Sienna Bookcase White In Stock
    Sienna Bookcase White
    Special Price $499.00 Regular Price $629.00
  9. Sienna Bookcase In Stock
    Sienna Bookcase
    Special Price $499.00 Regular Price $629.00
  10. Williamson Bookcase In Stock
    Williamson Bookcase
    Special Price $549.00 Regular Price $645.00
  11. Vintage Bookcase Collection | Vintage Bookcase Furniture | High Quality Vintage Bookcase | Vintage Bookcase Side | Fully Assembled Vintage Bookcase In Stock
    Vintage Bookcase
    Special Price $689.00 Regular Price $869.00
  12. Gaines Bookcase In Stock
    Gaines Bookcase
    Special Price $698.00 Regular Price $899.00
  13. Bradman Bookcase In Stock
    Bradman Bookcase
    Special Price $720.00 Regular Price $899.00
  14. Hoxton Bookcase - ONLINE ONLY
    Hoxton Bookcase - ONLINE ONLY
    $1,635.00 Privilege Club Member: $1,471.50
  15. Fraser Buffet & Hutch/Bookcase In Stock
    Fraser Buffet & Hutch/Bookcase
    Special Price $1,649.00 Regular Price $1,899.00
  16. Byron Ladder Bookcase | Byron Ladder Bookcase Feature Timber Tops | Byron Ladder Bookcase Furniture | Byron Ladder Bookcase Side | Byron Ladder Bookcase Display | Byron Ladder Bookcase For Decors In Stock
    Byron Ladder Bookcase
    $2,298.00 Privilege Club Member: $2,068.20
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17 Items

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Bookcases Sydney, Canberra and Regional NSW

When styled the right way, bookcases can be a high-impact way to show off your favourite knick-knacks, collectables and framed memories – as well as the household book collection! That being said, arranging all those items on to shelves can get a little overwhelming (to say the least). To help you conquer the task ahead, we’re here to share a couple of our best tips for styling shelves in any room of your home.

First, add some items that aren’t books to break things up. Pick anything you like, keeping in mind that whatever you do choose will be on display. Decorative boxes, quirky bookends, photo frames and ceramic jars all work in most spaces around the home. However, you might consider room-specific accessories for your shelves, too. Cast-iron teapots, pretty fruit bowls and glass decanters, for example, are great for breaking up piles of cookbooks in kitchen and dining areas.

Next, stack books horizontally as well as vertically to make the most of your space and avoid monotonous, repeating patterns. You may find that the thinnest books in your collection, along with any magazines, are easier to deal with when neatly stacked in piles – this will help you avoid instances of vertically oriented arrangements spontaneously toppling over the minute someone closes a door or breathes too hard.

Our final tip is to consider how much visual relief can be created by leaving a few empty spaces in your bookcases. You might even choose to leave some shelves totally empty – experiment to see what works best for you. By embracing these negative spaces, you’ll find the whole room feels instantly cleaner, tidier, and more relaxing to be in.

Here at 1825 interiors, we design every bookcase in our collection to be practical, durable, family-friendly and beautiful. As we specialise in furnishings for the family home, our goal is always to ensure that our bookcases can take the knocks and scratches that go together with family life, but still look fantastic for years to come. Discover our gorgeous range of bookcases at any one of our stores across Sydney, Canberra or Regional NSW.

To see, feel and personally test out our gorgeous range of bookcases and home office furniture, be sure to visit us in store. Our friendly and experienced staff will be happy to help you create a beautiful, functional work space that you can enjoy for years to come.